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Behind the scenes footage of an infomercial production by Innovative Video Services
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FX4Video is owned by Ron Bridegroom
Ron has been an independent video producer for over 16 years and has been developing and selling tutorials on video editing and video animations for over 10 years
Ron's video production company, Innovative Video Services, has produced weddings, school plays and other event videos, many photo montages, countless 30 second cable & broadcast TV spots, 15 second High Definition spots aired in local movie theaters, multiple 30 minute infomercials, interactive CD-ROM's and many 2 to 10 minute corporate videos
The video on this page shows some of the "behind the scenes" footage shot during an infomercial Innovative Video Services produced for a local high-end video and audio store in Thousand Oaks, California
Some wedding footage courtesy of Charles Bagnasco
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