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Wedding Animations
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Wedding Animations

Elegant motion backgrounds, animated overlays and write-on animated titles
Personalize your customer's videos and dazzle them with write-on animated titles using your own words
Wedding Collections:    Add a touch of "elegance and magic" to your wedding and anniversary videos, DVD menus and photo montages wtih these 3 volumes of motion backgrounds, overlays and elegant write-on animated titles
Wedding Motion Backgrounds:    These animations, from our Wedding Collection series, are perfect as backdrops for text, stills and video Picture-in-Picture effects in videos and photo montages and as DVD menu motion backgrounds
Stock Video:    We have beautiful sunrises and sunsets in High Definition that are wonderful as backdrops in wedding videos and DVD motion menus
TitleFX:    Dazzle Clients with the "high end" look of custom write-on animated titles.  Easily "write" your client's names onto the screen using elegant fonts with your control over word and character placement, size, writing speed, color, shadow type and characteristics and "writing styles"
Write-On Animated Titles:    Ready to use, pre-made "self-writing" title animations from elegant text written as if by hand or by a pen to text written with a magic wand and particleFX
Wedding Overlays:    These animated overlays, from our Wedding Collection series, are perfect for highlighting video segments, adding a touch of elegance to your videos and serving as text panels
Available Soon:
Wedding Animation Construction Kit:    Create custom, eye catching overlays for your wedding, anniversary and birthday videos and photo montages
Build A Bundle
Select 2 or more products from our Wedding Motion Backgrounds, Wedding Overlays and Write-On Animated Titles offerings and receive a 15% discount -- Some products are large downloads (1.5 - 3+GBytes) -- If you do not want such a large single download then select the version of the product whose name ends in "DVD"
>>> Go here for free samples of our HD wedding animations <<<
Some wedding footage courtesy of Charles Bagnasco
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