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Wedding Animated Overlays
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Wedding Overlays
Great for adding a touch of elegance and magic in any video or photo montage,
as text panels and for masking and highlighting video clips
60 elegant looping wedding overlays
Available in via Instant Download or on Data DVD in HD, StdDef (4x3 & 16x9), NTSC & PAL or purchase individual animations
All 60 looping Wedding Overlays
>>> $69.95 via instant download ---  $79.95 + shipping on Data DVD <<<
Select "Add DVD-ROM" option during checkout to also receive product on Data DVD
NTSC HD  --  3.51GByte download 
NTSC StdDef -- 4x3 & 16x9 -- 2.23GByte download
PAL HD  --  3.51GByte download
PAL StdDef -- 4x3 & 16x9 -- 2.5GByte download
Version compatible with ProShow Producer 3/4
NTSC HD  --  2.94 GByte download
(available only via instant download)
NTSC StdDef -- 4x3 & 16x9 -- 1.3 GByte download
(available only via instant download)
Visit our Pond5 page to purchase individual wedding overlays from $10
All Sales are Final
Technical Specs:
QuickTime 7.1 or later required
All animations delivered in 32bit QuickTime Format -- HD 1920x1080P (NTSC 29.970fps, PAL 25fps), Standard Definition (NTSC, 720x480, 29.970fps) (PAL, 720x576, 25fps) with both 4x3 & 16x9 aspect versions supplied for all animations --- NTSC looping time of 10 seconds, PAL looping time of 12 seconds
Animations formatted for ProShow Producer 3/4 delivered in QuickTime format
Compatible NLE's:
Any NLE that can use 32bit QuickTime movies including Adobe Premiere6.5, Premiere Elements, Premiere Pro, Premiere Pro CS, FinalCut Pro, FinalCut Express, Avid XpressDV (PC), Canopus Edius, Sony VegasPro, Sony Vegas Movie Studio
Also available is a version formatted for ProShow Producer 3/4
Some wedding footage courtesy of Charles Bagnasco
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